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  • Waste not, want not: A modern approach gives new life to an old farmhouse more
  • Piccioli family stays true to its Chicago business, Power Plumbing more
  • Heating Season Preview: An improving economy and another cold winter could mean good business for the heating industry more
  • Standard awareness: New Department of Energy residential water heater guidelines set to take effect in 2015 more

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Eight essential business vital signs you must monitor
Time is fleeting. Once an hour is gone, it is gone forever. This is especially true in the contracting business where you sell hours of service. But, the cost to you, the contractor, for each hour will linger over your head until it’s paid. If you don’t bring in that cost at the time the ... >> More

Hurray for Team Gene Johnson Plumbing: Winners of a Biz Makeover
This past winter, Phc News launched a contest for our readers. The prize: A day with me! It was planned that I would visit with the winners for one day at their shop, and help them makeover their business. Hmmm. Perhaps I should point out to my husband, Hot Rod, that ... >> More

Service Surprises: AC Style
In previous columns, I have written about the challenges and issues I have run into servicing steam and hot water heating systems. We also service and install AC systems and servicing these systems can be just as challenging and perplexing. Every year, around this time in early ... >> More

The honey dilemma
Many of the issues relating to energy in the world are far from power plants or oil wells. There is a workforce that is dwindling quickly, which is responsible for a third of the food on our plates every day. The pollination work honeybees do in a day is not something humans or ... >> More

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