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Greenbuild 2013 Sustainability Report released

July 17th, 2014

DALLAS, Texas — Greenbuild, in conjunction with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) released the Greenbuild 2013 sustainability report, announcing valuable metrics regarding the sustainability and overall footprint of the 2013 event, held last fall in Philadelphia.

The Greenbuild Sustainability Report is an annual report Greenbuild releases each year to report on the progress of its robust sustainability program, which has creatively addressed the environmental impacts of 23,000 attendees, hundreds of educational sessions, and football fields of exhibits.

The comprehensive report details the sustainability programs implemented in 2013 through a review of all objectives, goals, and best practices. Case studies provide detailed overviews of the processes used to implement innovative new projects, from exhibitor engagement to a redesigned sourcing process. The report can be accessed here on the Greenbuild website.

As the premier gathering of green building professionals, “Greenbuild has worked to integrate sustainability into every aspect of planning for Greenbuild, in hopes of reducing our impact while positively affecting attendees and creating change within the industry,” said Kate Hurst, Director, Greenbuild Conference and Events for USGBC. “The Greenbuild Sustainability Report highlights both our successes and challenges and is utilized to spread best practices and help our industry peers learn from our experience.”

The report highlights progress of Greenbuild’s seven sustainability objectives, including the following highlights:

  • Waste: Greenbuild catalyzed the total overhaul of waste management at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, helping the convention center go from a 10 percent annual waste diversion from landfill rate to 67 ercent the week of Greenbuild.
  • Energy: To reduce energy use, 100 percent of laptops and projectors used for 120 education sessions were ENERGY STAR Certified. 100 percent of carbon emissions caused by Greenbuild, including attendee travel emissions, were offset through the purchase of carbon offsets.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: The report includes a case study on implementing one of the industry’s largest exhibitor sustainability programs, Greenbuild Mandatory Exhibition Greening Guidelines (GMEGG), which requires exhibitors to comply with mandatory greening requirements ranging from limiting handouts to using energy-efficient displays.
  • Sourcing: The City of Philadelphia’s many sustainability initiatives made it a fitting host for Greenbuild 2013, from its progressive energy and water benchmarking laws to the Pennsylvania Convention Center’s LEED Gold expansion building.
  • Community: Greenbuild partnered with the Delaware Valley Green Building Council, Smith Memorial Playground and Public Workshop on the 2013 Greenbuild Legacy Project to create a youth-built “Adventure Playground” at Smith’s historic facility in East Fairmount Park.
  • -Leadership: Greenbuild worked with the Delaware Valley Green Building Council to engage, educate and support the Philadelphia hospitality community in compliance with new energy and water benchmarking and reporting regulations in Philadelphia.

Greenbuild 2014 is scheduled for Oct. 22-24 at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, La. Online attendee registration is now open and available on the Greenbuild website. Registration options include Expo Passes to walk the show floor, Day Passes to walk the show floor and attend education sessions and the Full Conference Pass. Additional offerings include summits, LEED workshops, tours and special events.


ClimateMaster receives Federal Laboratory Consortium award

July 16th, 2014

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – ClimateMaster, in conjunction with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), has received the Federal Laboratory Consortium’s (FLC) 2014 Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer for its Trilogy 40 geothermal heat pump system. The award recognizes lab employees and private collaborators that accomplish outstanding work in successfully transferring technology developed in federal laboratories into commercialized products.

“We are honored to have received such a prestigious award from the FLC, which further underscores the groundbreaking success of our Trilogy series of geothermal heat pump systems, providing the industry’s leading efficiencies that now achieve upwards of 45 EER in accordance with AHRI standards,” said Raj Hiremath, director of Marketing at ClimateMaster. “As a company we are also proud to provide an example of the successes that can be achieved by partnering with federal and academic entities to develop commercially viable solutions that are scalable and effectively applied in real-world situations.”

ClimateMaster and ORNL were among an elite group of 17 recipient teams recognized across the more than 250 federal laboratories and facilities represented by the FLC. A congressionally-chartered organization, the FLC annually evaluates work across these entities to acknowledge their top achievements in technology commercialization.

The Trilogy 40 geothermal heat pump system, released commercially in 2012, paved the way for the Trilogy 45 Q-Mode variable-speed geothermal heat pump system. Trilogy 45 provides the industry’s highest efficiencies of 45 EER and saves even more energy via on-demand hot water generation capabilities. The system also offers easy programming, monitoring and control for homeowners and dealers over the internet from any WiFi-enabled device.

“Providing the lowest operating cost of any heating, cooling and hot water generation system presently on the market, the Trilogy 45 Q-Mode significantly outperforms the closest competitive variable-speed unit available,” said Hiremath. “With this latest innovation, ClimateMaster has maintained its position as the industry’s leader, setting a new record by delivering the highest efficiencies recorded by AHRI at more than 45 EER in ground loop applications. The Trilogy 45 Q-Mode also significantly improves comfort through superior temperature and humidity control.

In addition to the highest efficiency ratings, the Trilogy 45 Q-Mode’s patent-pending Q-Mode technology reduces hot water operating costs by providing full-time, year-round domestic hot water heating at over 500-percent (5.0 COP) efficiency.

The Trilogy 45 Q-Mode is ENERGY STAR Tier 3-qualified, and exceeds requirements for the currently uncapped 30-percent federal tax credit for geothermal heat pump systems. Available in vertical-upflow, vertical-downflow and horizontal configurations, the system is also offered in 0930 kBtuh (9k to 30k Btuh, or .75 tons to 2 tons) and 1860 kBtuh (18k to 60k Btuh, or 1.5 tons to 5 tons) capacities. The Trilogy 45 Q-Mode is exclusively available through ClimateMaster GeoElite Dealers.


The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) is the nationwide network of federal laboratories that provides the forum to develop strategies and opportunities for linking laboratory mission technologies and expertise with the marketplace. Organized in 1974 and formally chartered by the Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986 to promote and strengthen technology transfer nationwide, the FLC recognizes approximately 300 federal laboratories and centers and their parent departments and agencies as current members.

ClimateMaster, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of geothermal and water-source heat pumps, which are considered to be the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly type of heating and cooling systems available on the market today. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Ok, ClimateMaster, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of LSB Industries, Inc. whose common stock is traded over the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol LXU.


Plastic Pipe Institute announces annual industry awards

July 15th, 2014

IRVING, Texas – During its recent annual meeting, the Plastics Pipe Institute, Inc. (PPI) honored four individual members and five member-company projects. Winners were recognized for exceptional service and significant achievements involving the use of plastic pipe. PPI is the major trade association representing all segments of the plastic pipe industry.

Presented during the May 4-7 meeting in Palm Springs, the award winners were:

PPI Projects of the Year

PPI Member Company: Viega, LLC, McPherson, Kansas
Awarded Project: Sun Valley Ski Resort Outdoor Snow Melting System
For one of the largest snowmelt projects more than 14,800 feet of PEX tubing was installed in a single day, which is more than twice the typical amount. With a total of 60,000 square feet of controlled snowmelt and 32 miles of tubing, this project provides two key aspects to Sun Valley’s business. First is safety for resort guests and employees and second, an economic strategy to operate and control this system while adding value to the
bottom line.

ViegaPEX Barrier tubing and Viega PEX Press fittings enabled the Sun Valley resort to install a more efficient snow melting system that saved energy and provided better service to their customers, and complete the project on time.

PPI Member Company: Southwire Company, Carrollton, Georgia
Awarded Project: Columbia Basin Electric Cooperative Project
The Columbia Basin Electric Cooperative recently replaced some 20 miles of overhead conductor conductor in the Condon, Oregon ice area with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) Cable-In-Conduit (CIC). This CIC installation has helped to reduce maintenance and unplanned outages in an area plagued with fog, ice, and other severe weather. Using Southwire Company’s SIMpull® Cable-In-Conduit has reduced failures due to damage or weather extremes.

PPI Member Companies: Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc., Hilliard, Ohio.
HD Supply Waterworks, Thomasville, Georgia

Awarded Project: Everglades Restoration Project

Large diameter polypropylene pipe was used in a field test project conducted along a 3,000- foot stretch of the levees and canals to determine how best to design and formulate plans for future Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) projects. This prototype project used 10 runs of 100 linear feet of 60-inch diameter Advanced Drainage Systems’ HP storm pipe with vertical lift gates to provide east/west drainage through the levee. The structure has a maximum combined flow of 750 cubic feet per second (cfs) with velocities up to three centimeters a second to allow for pulse releases.

PPI Member Company: Flexpipe Systems, Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Awarded Project: Light Crude Oil Transfer Pipeline, Australia
In 2013 a 170 km (105.6 miles) reinforced thermoplastic pipe (RTP) pipeline was commissioned in Australia to transport light crude oil from a source location in Queensland to an oil processing facility in South Australia. Able to meet the high pressure requirement of 1,500 psi and temperature of 180 F, the four-inch diameter line was installed in preference over trucking the liquids, and was the first of its kind to be installed in this area. The RTP line provided a 50 percent savings compared to steel pipe. For this application, Flexpipe’s RTP met the need to be both easy and fast to install and also stand up to the technical
requirements of Australia’s pipeline standard AS 2885.1 ‘Pipelines – Gas and Liquid Petroleum’.

PPI Member Companies: ISCO Industries, Louisville, KY and
McElroy Manufacturing, Inc., Tulsa, Okla.

Awarded Project: Wichita Falls, Texas Emergency Water Reuse Project.
More than 83 percent of Texas was in severe (D-3) to exceptional (D-5) drought conditions in 2013, and the city of Wichita Falls lost 70 percent of their water supply in the past two years, affecting more than 140,000 people. This project provided an emergency solution – a Direct Potable Reuse (DPW) pipeline constructed using HDPE pipe that was fused together using McElroy units.
This water reuse project takes purified water, created from the 7 to 10 million gallons of treated wastewater that is normally released into the Wichita River every day, and sends it through a 12-mile HDPE pipeline constructed by ISCO Industries to the Cypress Water Treatment Plant. It then goes through extensive filtration, reverse osmosis, and clarification, and is mixed with raw surface water. The 50/50 mixture then goes through another treatment process and finally is supplied to the public.

PPI Members of the Year
In addition to the PPI Projects of the Year, the association also cited members who have contributed their time and expertise to the advancement and technical documentation of thermoplastic pipe.

As voted by their fellow members, the PPI Members of the Year are:
• Greg Bohn, Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc., Hilliard, Ohio, PPI CPPA Division
• Dick Kraft, Endot Industries, Inc. Rockaway, NJ, PPI EPS Division
• Allison Crabtree, Dura-Line Corporation, Knoxville, TN, PPI M&I Division
• Steve Tappan, LyondellBasell Industries, Houston, TX, PPI Conduit Division


International societies form Indoor Environmental Quality alliance

July 14th, 2014

ATLANTA — A newly formed alliance seeks to serve as a global source for information, guidance and knowledge on indoor environmental quality. A memorandum of understanding creating the Indoor Environment Quality Global Alliance was signed June 29, at ASHRAE’s 2014 Annual Conference in Seattle, Wash.

Other groups joining the alliance are the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre (AIVC), the Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA), the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) and the Federation of European Heating and Air-Conditioning Associations (REHVA).

The alliance was formed by an ad hoc committee appointed by ASHRAE 2013-14 President Bill Bahnfleth to explore ways in which industry groups could work together to address all aspects of indoor environmental quality and health.

“In the built environment, indoor environmental quality must be our first concern,” Presidential Member Bahnfleth said. “Before we address impacts of buildings and transportation systems on energy consumption and the environment – which, make no mistake, are also critically important – we must ensure that we are providing indoor environments that are safe, healthy, productive and comfortable for occupants. Today, and for some time, we have strongly emphasized energy conservation and protection of the environment to such an extent that the need for progress in indoor environmental quality has been obscured. A broad, coordinated effort is needed to fill gaps in research, transfer the results of science to practice, advocate for higher standards and better educate both the built environment professions and the public. I believe that formation of this Alliance is a key to meeting those objectives. ASHRAE is eager to contribute its expertise to this group and to once again be a leader in the field of indoor environmental quality, beginning with a focus on indoor air quality.”

“Contemporary European architecture is undergoing fundamental changes caused by increased pressure to reduce energy consumption of buildings,” said Karel Kabele, president of REHVA. “Modern approaches, methods and technologies are capable of saving energy, but also affect other functions of the building i.e. indoor environmental quality. In energy efficient buildings we can resolve problems with thermal comfort, air quality and other components of IEQ. I firmly believe that joint efforts of IEQ-GA will contribute not only to saving energy but also to improve IEQ in buildings, we build for next generations.”

“The Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA) is pleased to be a part of this partnership,” said Jim Powell, executive director of A&WM. “We see the IEQ-GA as a forum to better focus efforts on improving the indoor environment. Efforts to support this partnership will be coordinated with our Health Effects & Exposure Technical Coordinating Committee. This committee is responsible for all of the indoor environment programming within A&WMA.”

“The Indoor Air Quality Association, IAQA, is proud to join key organizations in signing the IEQ-GA agreement,” said Kent Rawhouser, president of IAQA. “This alliance of organizations will lead to collaboration between the best minds in our industry to ensure an improvement in indoor environmental conditions for people around the world. IAQA’s members are experts in the implementation, investigation and remediation of indoor environmental issues.”

“While substantial progress in the energy efficiency of our building stock is crucial, we must guarantee at the same time a good indoor climate in these buildings, including air quality, thermal comfort, visual comfort and acoustics. Given the complexity of the issue and the various challenges, we are very pleased to see the creation of this alliance,” AIVC Operating Agent Peter Wouters said.

“AIHA is very excited to join ASHRAE and other international stakeholders in the IEQ Global Alliance,” Christine A.D. Lorenzo, CIH, president of AIHA. “The Alliance brings together key groups, each of which has members with unique sets of skills and knowledge. We look forward to working within the Alliance to identify new ways to collaborate, and expand international alignment in this important area of occupational hygiene and engineering practice.”

The alliance will provide guidance on the definition of acceptable indoor environmental quality, with an emphasis on thermal conditions and indoor air pollution, to ensure that the knowledge gathered from indoor environmental quality (IEQ) research is promulgated to and implemented by IEQ practitioners and regulatory bodies worldwide.

The mission of the alliance IEQ-GA is to provide an acceptable indoor environmental quality (thermal environment-indoor air quality-lighting-acoustic) to occupants in buildings and places of work around the world and to make sure the knowledge from research on IEQ gets implemented in practice.

The establishment of the alliance is supported by the World Health Organization and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, who will cooperate with the Alliance in the future.

Bahnfleth said the alliance will also seek cooperation from other organizations whose work relates to the indoor environment’s effects on people’s well-being and health.


RPA extends System Design Showcase deadline

July 11th, 2014

MOKENA, Ill. — The Radiant Professionals Alliance (RPA) has extended the entry deadline for its System Design Showcase 2014 competition to Nov. 1, providing an extra three months of time for designers and contractors to demonstrate their creativity and finesse in design and competence in installation before their peers in the radiant and hydronic industry.

The competition categories are: Residential Cooling, Residential Heating, Commercial Cooling, Commercial
Heating, Snow/Ice Melting, Electric and Innovation.

Entries must be postmarked by November 1, and include a completed application, a comprehensive description,
photos and schematics/drawings. The application may be downloaded from the RPA website at

The RPA’s Technical Committee, made of up industry experts, will screen all projects using a structured
evaluation process. Each entry will be judged on presentation, technical merit and impression. The winners will
be announced in January during the organization’s Annual Membership Meeting and Conference in Chicago.
The conference will coincide with the 2015 AHR Expo. Additionally, winners and their projects will be profiled in Radiant Living magazine.

“This is a great opportunity for our members to toot their own horn. Most of their beautiful work goes
unnoticed, and this is their opportunity to gain recognition,” said RPA Executive Director Mark Eatherton. “It
also allows the other viewing members the opportunity to see how their associates go about putting these
wonderful systems together in a way that makes them presentable.”



ASHRAE installs new officers, directors

July 10th, 2014

SEATTLE – ASHRAE has installed new officers and directors for 2014-15 at its Annual Meeting held June 28-July 2.

The new president is Thomas H. Phoenix, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, ASHRAE-Certified Building Energy Assessment and Building Energy Modeling Professional, principal and vice president, Moser Mayer Phoenix Associates, Greensboro, N.C. His presidential theme is People, Passion, Performance.

Phoneix said, “People, passion and performance are three things that come to mind when I think about ASHRAE. Thanks to our 53,000 members around the globe, ASHRAE is building a worldwide best practices network of innovative people and successful technologies to serve the built environment community. Our membership also has great passion – I see that in how much time and dedication our people give to helping write standards, develop research, guide in policy and procedure, etc. Together, our people plus their passion ensures performance – whether that’s improving the performance of our great Society or improving the performance of building stock around the world.”

Other officers installed for a one-year term are:

  • President-Elect: T. David Underwood, P.Eng., Fellow ASHRAE, Life Member, ASHRAE-Certified Commissioning Process Management Professional, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
  • Treasurer: Timothy G. Wentz, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, ASHRAE-Certified High Performance Building Design Professional, associate professor, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Neb.
  • Vice President: Darryl K. Boyce, P.Eng., Fellow ASHRAE, assistant vice president (Facilities Management and Planning), Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Vice President: Charles “Chuck” E. Gulledge III, P.E., Member, ASHRAE-Certified High Performance Building Design Professional, senior mechanical engineer, AC Corporation, Greensboro, N.C.
  • Vice President: Bjarne W. Olesen, Ph.D., Fellow ASHRAE, Life Member, professor, Technical University of Denmark, Kongens Lyngby, Denmark
  • Vice President: James K. Vallort, Fellow ASHRAE, senior vice president, Environmental Systems Design, Chicago, Ill.

ASHRAE installed the following directors to serve a three-year term from 2014-2017:

  • Region VII Director and Region Chair: Larry J. Fisher, founder, ECT Services, Louisville, Ky.
  • Region VIII Director and Regional Chair: William K. Klock, P.E., vice president, EEA Consulting Engineers, Austin, Texas
  • Region IX Director and Regional Chair: Blake E. Ellis, P.E., principal, Burns & McDonnell, Kansas City, Mo.
  • Region X Director and Regional Chair: Karine Leblanc, sales engineer, U.S. Air Conditioning Distributors, City of Industry, Calif.
  • Region-at-Large: Farooq Mehboob, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, Life Member, owner, S. Mehboob and Co., Consulting Engineers, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Director-at-Large: Mark W. Fly, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, director of engineering and government affairs, AAON, Tulsa, Okla.
  • Director-at-Large: Daniel Int-Hout III, Fellow ASHRAE, Life Member, chief engineer, Krueger, Richardson, Texas
  • Director-at-Large: Mick Schwedler, P.E., manager, applications engineering, Trane, La Crosse, Wis.


USGBC announces Alternative Compliance Paths for LEED Neighborhood Development

July 9th, 2014

WASHINGTON — Alternative Compliance Paths (ACPs) for LEED for Neighborhood Development version 2009 are now available. ACPs allow LEED to be more flexible and applicable to a wide range of building projects across the globe.

LEED for Neighborhood Development, or LEED-ND, was designed to inspire and help create better, more sustainable, well-connected neighborhoods and other district-scale development. It looks beyond the scale of buildings to consider entire communities to curb dispersed land use patterns and promote sustainable development. Projects outside of the U.S. often experience technical challenges when applying LEED ND requirements that are based off U.S. codes and practice.

The new ACPs target solutions for global users through local standards and codes, offering alternative approaches to meeting credits and prerequisites, and providing additional guidance to global users. Metric units were also added to the LEED ND rating system. These equivalency improvements help remove possible barriers to certification.

The LEED 2009 ND Global ACPs were developed with the input of global LEED ND users and members of the LEED International Roundtable, and were approved by the LEED Steering Committee. This approach leveraged the expertise of international users by developing solutions directly in conjunction with the market.

LEED encourages sustainable development and green building practices around the world. Currently there are LEED registered and certified projects in more than 150 countries and territories globally.

Download the LEED 2009 ND Global Alternative Compliance Path Reference Guide Supplement or visit the Credit Library to access the LEED 2009 ND Global ACPs.


AGC joins Hiring Our Heroes program

July 8th, 2014

ARLINGTON, Va. – The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) announced that it is joining the national Hiring Our Heroes program as part of the construction industry’s effort to add 100,000 veterans over the next five years. The new partnership will make it easier for construction contractors to find, recruit and hire veterans, according to AGC officials.

“The only thing keeping many of our members from hiring vets is figuring out how to find them,” said Stephen E. Sandherr, chief executive officer of AGC. “This new partnership will make it easier for construction firms to find, recruit and hire veterans.”

The association’s members, commercial and civil construction firms across the country, are committed to hiring at least 100,000 veterans within five years, Sandherr said. He added that the new partnership will give member firms access to job fairs and other recruiting tools operated by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes program.

Sandherr said that the new partnership comes at a time when two-thirds of construction firms report having a hard time finding skilled workers to fill positions. The partnership with Hiring Our Heroes will make it easier for firms to fill vacancies with highly qualified workers and will be a key part of the association’s Workforce Development Plan.

“Construction firms are always eager to hire veterans because they make such great professionals,” Sandherr said. “As the economy continues to expand our members will be looking to hire even more veterans than they already do.”

Sandherr added that construction firms already hire a significant number of veterans, noting that veterans are more likely to be hired in construction than non-veterans, according to federal employment data. Many firms report having a hard time figuring out how to identify soldiers, sailors and airmen that are about to leave active duty and enter the private-sector workforce, Sandherr noted.

AGC will begin distributing information to its members and state and local chapters about the new partnership, Sandherr said, and help recruit expanding construction firms to participate in job fairs and other hiring events organized by Hiring Our Heroes.


ACCA pays respects to past chairman Maurice Jacobson

July 7th, 2014

ARLINGTON, Va. — ACCA informed its membership that Maurice “Maury” Jacobson, passed away on June 30 at the age of 93. Jacobson was chairman of ACCA’s Board of Directors in 1975.

Jacobson was a dedicated member of the HVACR industry. Not only did he own and operate a contracting business and serve on ACCA’s Board of Directors, but he also served on the South Palm Beach Florida Code Enforcement Board. Jacobson became Mayor of South Palm Beach in 2005, serving three, two-year terms. He also served his local community on the Community Affairs Advisory Board, the Palm Tran Service Board, the Palm Beach County League of Cities, and the Technical Advisory Committee for the Florida State Building Code and Energy Code Commission.

“Maury was an insightful member of the HVACR community and I always enjoyed spending time talking to him,” said Paul T. Stalknecht, president and CEO of ACCA. “His dedication to our industry and his local community is unrivaled by most people. His presence will be greatly missed.”

A memorial service was held July 3, at Beth Israel Memorial Chapel in Boynton Beach, Fla. Interment followed at Royal Palm Memorial Gardens.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that contributions be made to Trustbridge/Hospice of Palm Beach County (, or the Blinded Veterans Association (


Carrier, CEIVA partner on energy efficiency solution

July 3rd, 2014

INDIANAPOLIS – Carrier, a world leader in high-technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions, teamed with CEIVA Energy, a utility-controlled home energy management system (HEMS) provider. The two companies will develop a new way for homeowners to improve energy efficiency. Carrier is a part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp.

The partnership combines CEIVA’s HEMS with the Carrier smart ComfortChoice Touch thermostat to provide enhanced intelligence and control for both utility companies and homeowners. Using the integrated platform, utility companies have the capability to adjust thermostat settings based on outside temperatures, communicate energy-efficiency and demand-response programs to residential customers, share real-time demand information and encourage customer engagement around energy use.

At the same time, residential customers can increase energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption in the home by eliminating wasteful heating and cooling. Customers can monitor and control their home energy usage through the user-friendly thermostat and convenient mobile and Web platforms.

“This innovative solution uses best-in-class technology to help homeowners and utilities realize great efficiencies,” said Raymond Archacki, senior product manager at Carrier. “The more homeowners can easily monitor and control their home energy use via smart, secure and easy-to-use thermostats and a broader HEMS platform, the more they’ll reduce energy and engage with their utility.”

National Grid, a utility based in Worcester, Massachusetts, will be the first utility company to adopt Carrier and CEIVA’s integrated offering and roll it out to residential customers. Carrier’s 200,000 installed smart thermostats throughout the U.S. will be equipped for the CEIVA platform, enabling a seamless transition as other utilities offer the technology.

“Utilities face increasing mandates to reduce home energy use and engage their customers,” said Dean Schiller, chief executive officer at CEIVA Energy. “Heating and cooling are significant drivers of home energy use — in some regions, they can account for more than 50 percent of the home’s total energy. The combination of CEIVA’s commitment to customer engagement and Carrier’s proven track record for connectivity and usability means we now offer utilities and their customers the best solution on the market.”


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